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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Seed Starting Mix Makes Me Crazy

Just finished starting my first set of seeds, the 8-to-10-weeks-ahead ones. Since the plants are destined for the Berkshires, last frost is around Memorial Day, so I get to be lazy in February.
Anyone else find seed-starting mix impossible? It is practically waterproof! I finally hit upon this method: put amount of seed mix into small narrow container [I use a tupperware cereal container, narrow and deep] , pour in some very hot water, and mix with an old broken-off bamboo cane until it is a moist slurry. Grab and place in desired plug trays or six packs. Messy, but effective.
Today I combined vining petunia, Kentucky petunia, and balcony petunia for a "heirloom petunia mix" and planted 24 mini-plugs. The seed-warming mat is on---spring is here for me at last.
New [old] cartoon over on "Delphiniums" !! Lazy slacker, moi.