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Saturday, November 06, 2010

you can also do this in the garden....

Monday, November 01, 2010

mine, mine, mine! (rubs hands together greedily)

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Clueless Wins Contest! Part Deux

Long ago I won the right to name a tributary to a stream to a river out in Ohio.   Well, for political reasons, the naming never came to pass, and that's OK.  But today, happy day, I seem to be the winner of a garden book about Great Dixter, the remarkable garden of the late Christopher Lloyd:

This is entirely due to my devotion to garden writer Henry Mitchell, who penned the "Earthman" column for the Washington Post years ago.  More sparkly and informed garden gossip you will never find.  Put "The Essential Earthman" at your bedside and you will have many sweet dreams.

Thanks so much to Elizabeth at  for the book.   And that fabulous blog where one can actually LEARN something, unlike here!

I can't wait to see the book I've won.  I remember when I was in my first flush of garden mania and had read "The Adventurous Gardener," I couldn't believe this Great Man was still gardening, still digging in, still contributing to the knowledge and lore and love of this pursuit.  There are few left, if any, of those English Giants I read so much about way back when --with this book we benefit again that Mrs. Chatto is still with us -- so I will really adore reading this book.

Again, thanks to Elizabeth and all the Ranters.