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Saturday, February 21, 2009

masterful worts

My current flower love is astrantia, masterwort, which I just ordered several of, as they made me gaaa-gaaa last here are just some pretty ones to dote on, as we wait...I am finding as I tool around the garden blogosphere, everybody's seeds are starting to come up. Waaaaaaaaaah ! I'm finding it hard not starting seeds this year. The sole consolation, and it is the only one I'll accept, is that I might, might, might be in London in June. [Hope the gods didn't just hear that bit o' hubris...]

Friday, February 13, 2009

kiss me over the....

Here's my Garden Game concession to that silly holiday on Feb 14. Prize to the first reader who identifies the plant this is the common name for!
[There are garden gates to land on in the middle of each side of the game board. Players have to land right on them in order get onto their plots in order to plant their seeds. I told you this game is wacky!]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hop Around the Game Board With Me

The object of the game is to collect seeds that make good companion plants, plant the seeds in your plot, and try to take advantage of events that befall most every gardener. The seed cards are so pretty, and include plants that go in a kitchen garden, wild garden, or flower garden. The game board squares can direct you to gather a seed card, or pick up one of three wonderfully weird happenstance cards--"Acts of God," "Weather Report," or "Compost Heap" are the selections. If I keep telling you how delightful this is, will you get tired of hearing it? Because it really is...

Do Indeed Pass Go

Here's the corner of the gameboard on The Garden Game, and you can see the "Go" is a garden center! Since I probably won't be starting my own seeds this year, I will be spending some time playing the game plus heading to real garden centers...anyway, the spaces all the way around the board highlight everyday garden occurrences, and the progress of a garden around the year. Very sweet. And of course, charmingly drawn in a hippie-delirium style by our Lady Sarah.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Your Move

Here is the gameboard of the Garden Game, while I am trying to think of something not-stupid to write for that book I mentioned below...
Four pretty little garden plots, one for each player, natch. The plots have furrows, where you plant the seeds you've collected along the way. And one hops around the stops that outline the board, a closeup of which will come next, because I can't figure out how to put up more than one picasa foto on the blog. God, I do take Clueless to an entire new level.
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Monday, February 02, 2009

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"The Thoreau You Don't Know" by Robert Sullivan!

I've just finished this enjoyable, friendly, thoughtful, meaty book! I may stick another "book review" on this site if I can, there's so much to say about it...coming out in March, watch for it!